US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker “Your country has built a remarkable memorial. I am honored to have visited”


The Kigali Genocide Memorial was glad to host the United States Secretary of Commerce, Penny Pritzker, accompanied by the U.S. Ambassador to Rwanda, Erica Barks-Ruggles and a high-level delegation composed of members of U.S. President’s Advisory Council on Doing Business in Africa (PAC-DBIA).

The delegation paid tribute to the victims of the Genocide against Tutsi as part of their official visit to Rwanda, during which they met with members of the East African Community. As part of their tour of the memorial, the US Secretary of Commerce laid a wreath and observed a minute of silence to pay her respects to the more than 250,000 victims of the Genocide buried at the Kigali Genocide Memorial.

The delegation was guided through the memorial exhibitions and were explained the historical background of the Genocide against the Tutsi and some of Rwanda’s home grown innovations and initiatives that were put into place to support post-genocide social transformation and recovery. The tour was concluded by visiting a room that is dedicated to children killed in the Genocide.

In the memorial guestbook, Secretary Pritzker wrote:

“I am in awe of the Rwandan people and what you are working to overcome. Your country has built a remarkable memorial that is essential to continuing to move this spectacular country forward towards a brighter future for its people. I am honored to have visited this special place.”

The visit coincided with International Holocaust Memorial Day and so the US Secretary of Commerce also remembered victims of the Holocaust.

On 25 January 2016, the Kigali Genocide Memorial hosted Rwanda’s Holocaust Memorial Day with the German and Israeli Embassies. You can read more about that event here.

The Kigali Genocide Memorial is a place of remembrance and learning and works to preserve the memory and dignity of the victims of the Genocide against the Tutsi.