Global Vision

Remembrance our starting-point - Joselyne Umuhoza - conceived during the Genocide - places roses at KGM DSC03210

Remembrance: our starting-point

250,000 victims of the Genocide against the Tutsi have their final resting-place at the Kigali Genocide Memorial. We are conscious that truly honouring their memory means doing what each of us can to help protect other people from facing such atrocities in the future.

Building peace in Rwanda

The Kigali Genocide Memorial came from collaboration between Rwandan authorities and the Aegis Trust. Aegis developed peace education at the Memorial. Promoting empathy, critical thinking and personal responsibility, it has enabled people to lay down weapons and give up revenge. Now part of Rwanda’s national schools curriculum, it has inspired leaders from communities in conflict internationally to partner with us on their own peacebuilding.

Building peace in Rwanda - photo of students for last Murambi panel
Making peace achievable internationally - CAR community leaders with Aegis in Rwanda 14892966181_214ab9019f_o (1)

Making peace achievable internationally

If peace is achievable after genocide in Rwanda, it’s achievable anywhere. However, we have learned that peace education alone is not enough. In communities stricken by conflict and poverty, it must go hand in hand with trauma healing and development of sustainable livelihoods.

Countering future drivers of conflict

In coming decades, hundreds of millions of people will migrate as their lands become uninhabitable due to climate change. We have already seen climate-driven migration fuel conflict in countries such as Sudan and Syria. Development of sustainable livelihoods, trauma healing and peace education of the kind pioneered at the Kigali Genocide Memorial will have a key role to play in mitigating these dangers, along with climate initiatives, good governance and accountability, swift intervention to stop incitement, and protection of civilians targeted for identity-based violence.

Countering future drivers of conflict - child shot on Darfur Chad border is buried in the desert Picture 011 (2)