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The Kigali Genocide Memorial receives thousands of visitors every month. Many leave messages of hope, remembrance and peace in our digital guestbook. You can read those messages here and submit your own.

A truly heart-wrenching visit to a memorial that reminds us of what exactly violence can do to destroy, kill and desecrate fellow human beings and an entire nation. But also a testament to the spirit of overcoming and reconciliation. Many thanks and God bless.

Mr Jorge Quiroga Ramírez – Former President


I have spent a few days in Rwanda, not knowing much about the country apart from what I have seen in the news. Two things have struck me. The first is that this country has been through such widespread trauma. It has been incredibly upsetting to go through this memorial but in my opinion, so valuable! The second is that it is truly inspiring how far this country has come to where it is now. I hope Rwanda continues to heal.

Romesh Ranganathan – Comedian

United Kingdom

I was very shocked to see such cold blood and killing of so many people of this country. As a mother, I am pained so much and have to pay my condolences. Zimbabwe will remain with and stand with you through and through. My husband and I were heartily disturbed with such atrocity. 

Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa – First Lady


Mu byukuri imbaraga z’urubyiruko zari zikwiriye kubaka ibyiza, zikarwanya ikibi. Ntibyari byo ko urubyiruko rwishora mu gukora Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi. Twihanganishije ababuze ababo kandi twiyemeje ko tuzakomeza kurwanya abakwirakwiza ingengabitekerezo ya Jenoside.

Min. Dr. Abdallah Utumatwishima – Minister of Youth


Tuzahora twibuka Abatutsi barenga miliyoni bishwe muri Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi muri 1994. Tuzaharanira kubaka ubumwe bw’Abanyarwanda bwashenywe n’Abajenosideri. Tuzigisha urubyiruko indangagaciro zirufasha gukunda igihugu no kukirinda kugirango Jenoside itazongera ukundi i Rwanda.

Min. Dr. Jean Damascène Bizimana – Minister – MINUBUMWE

Visiting this memorial site has touched my heart at the core and has taught me to forever respect and value every human being. Hate has no room in community of human beings.

Gen. Francis Omondi Ogolla – Chief of Defense Forces


It is always an honour and priviledge to be here, to relive this history we share. Thank you for continuing to honour our people. I love you all and Rwanda so much. Love Arielle.

Arielle Kayabaga – Member of Parliament for London-West


It is a pity and a great tragedy that the United Nations didn’t come to the rescue of the Tutsi at a time in history when there was great extermination of the Tutsi. History will judge the United Nations very harshly for this devolution of their international responsibility.

Bheki Maphalala – Chief Justice

Kingdon of Eswatini

I am humbled to be able to pay respect to the victims of this tragic event. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

CP Hoong Wee Teck – Singapore Police Commissioner


I express the UN Family’s solidarity with the Rwandan people and commend the visionary leadership of this country to immortalise this for learning and remembering and honouring all the victims. We commit to continue to support Rwanda’s journey towards more and more development and sustained peace.

Ms. Sima Bahous – Executive Director of UN Women

Genocide against the Tutsi is a regretable act against humanity. The Government of Uganda and all its people condemn this evil act and join the people of Rwanda in resolving that it must never happen again. Let us stand for peace and unity, Ubumwe and Ubuntu. May the souls of the Genocide victims rest in eternal peace.

Robinah Nabbanja – Prime Minister


It is a very important place to remember, to heal and to build a new future. I pray for those who died and for those who survived. I congratulate Rwanda on its achievements in building a united nation, built on strong fundamentals. We share similar past and also similar prosperous future.

Magdalena Rzeczkowska – Minister of Finance


In paying our respects on this 29th anniversary, UNFPA asserts the ever abiding principles of truth, justice and reconciliation in full commitment to ensuring that such atrocities will never recur anywhere and at anytime. May the gentle souls of the dearly departed rest in everlasting peace. Amen!

Dr. Natalia Kanem – UNFPA Executive Director

It was a moving experience to go through this memorial of the 1994 Genocide. It was a great tragedy that the world did not stop, but as we see almost 30 years later, Rwanda is now a peaceful country. Thanks for taking us in this tour. We shall never forget.

H.E. J. Uduch Sengebau Senior – Vice President of the Republic of Palau & Minister of Justice

Republic of Palau

Forget not the history. Bury the machetes and hatred. Stay united for a peaceful and prosperous future. Our hearts are with the people who are gone.

H.E. Liu Jianchao – Head of the International Liaison Department


I am deeply touched, but also inspired to see that after such horrifying atrocities Rwanda has found atonement and reconciliation. We Hungarians share your commitment to peace and peaceful coexistence. Lest we forget. You cannot understand the present and future of Rwanda without being confronted with its past. Thank you!

Katalin – Novák – President


So speechless. I have truly understood the true value of peace. I’m heartbroken, saddened and highly encouraged to preach peace wherever I go. I pray for Rwanda and its beautiful people. May God comfort you and encourage you to be the ambassadors of peace to the world. I love Rwanda and its kind-hearted people.

BAHATI – Musician


I pray for lasting peace, harmony and humanity. It is important to educate ourselves about the tragedies, horrors and genocides of the past so that we don’t repeat history. I send my prayers to those who are still healing.

Malala Yousafzai – Nobel Laureate


May all those who lost their lives rest in peace. For the living, let love, peace and unity lead us. Never again should this happen to humanity.

Alex Kieninger

United Kingdom

David Thank you for all you do to remind us that every life lost in genocide matters, and that all of us have a part to play in protecting humanity.


United Kingdom

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