Rwanda Online team remembers the victims of the Genocide against the Tutsi


Staff of Rwanda Online, which is responsible for the Government of Rwanda’s Irembo e-services portal, have visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial to remember the Genocide against the Tutsi, and learn from the country’s tragic history to ensure a brighter future.

Arriving at the memorial, the group toured the exhibits and learned about the causes, reality and consequences of the Genocide. They were also informed about Rwanda’s post-Genocide reconstruction efforts.

The visit also included laying wreaths on the burial place and as well as observing a moment of silence to pay respects to the more than one million victims of the Genocide against the Tutsi. This was done to help visitors reflect on their own responsibilities to prevent the tragedy of Genocide from happening again.

Paulette Mpano, Human Resource Manager at Irembo, said that the visit to the memorial helps everyone to show the real love they have for the country and is an informative process where visitors can get reliable information.

“The love that one has for their country pushes them to know its history. In order to rebuild ourselves and create unity and reconciliation, we need to know the reason behind it. Passing through the memorial, you see how things were carried out and how the genocide ideology started. It helps you to know where to start from to reach all you are required to achieve,” she said.

As part of the commemoration event, Genocide Archive of Rwanda representatives Paul Rukesha and Clement Muhire explained the work of the archive and how the stories, testimonies, and other evidence are presented on the archive’s digital platform. They also presented the virtual tours feature which allows users to tour some of Rwanda’s genocide memorials online.

Paulette Mpano concluded by thanking the Genocide Archive of Rwanda for preserving the history and other precious information that can help to teach and inform others about the history of Rwanda. She said this assures her that Rwanda’s history cannot be lost because technology is easing the process of keeping important information and making it available to all.


Rwanda Online Kwibuka23 event at Kigali Genocide Memorial