Rwanda Guides Association paid tribute to victims of the Genocide against the Tutsi for #Kwibuka23


Members of Rwanda Guides Association visited Kigali genocide memorial to remember victims of the Genocide against the Tutsi, learn about the history of Rwanda before, during and after the Genocide and to tackle genocide ideology.

Pascaline Umulisa, the executive secretary of Rwanda Guides Association said the idea of visiting the memorial came from young members of the association, who wanted to know exactly what happened, learn from it to have a peaceful nation as most of them were not born when the Genocide against the Tutsi happened.

“Most of the Rwanda Guides Association members were born after the Genocide or young at that time. EWhile visiting this memorial, we saw the violence against humanity, as it has not only the history of Genocide against Tutsi, but other Genocides that took place in other parts of the world that our young people are not aware of.This is a learning journey that reinforced our commitment to promote love unity,” Said Pascaline.

Sitraka Zaasaa Rendremlason a member of the association from Madagascar, now living in Rwanda said that people should be one and live as a team so that the tragedy that happened in in Rwanda will never happen anywhere in the world.

“It is so hard and emotional to see this experience; Rwandans passed through hard times. Youth all over the world should be one, as a team and be together so that genocide and other crimes will never happen anywhere else in the world,” Sitraka said.

Kazeneza Blandine, a member of the association for over 9 years said that young people have a task to change the future of Rwanda unlike their counterparts who participated largely in the Genocide against the Tutsi.

“My message to young Rwandans especially those who were born after Genocide to visit different memorials to know what happened in our country. We have a great duty as young people to prepare the future of Rwanda. If we do not remember and prevent genocide, our children will never do it which might lead to other destructive actions in the future,” Blandine concluded.