Regional Prosecutors from East Africa visit Kigali Genocide Memorial


A delegation of prosecutors from East Africa accompanied by the Prosecutor General of Rwanda, Jean Bosco Mutanga, has visited Kigali Genocide Memorial to pay respects to the victims of genocide and learn from the history of Genocide in Rwanda.

On their arrival, they toured the memorial, and learnt about the history of Rwanda before, during and after the Genocide. The delegation also learned about the causes, consequences of the Genocide, that happened in Rwanda and other mass atrocities that happened around the world. They had an opportunity to know more about the measures that were taken by Rwandans so far to rebuild the country.

The activity also included the wreath laying on the mass graves at the memorial, where over 250,000 victims are laid to rest. As a symbol of honoring the innocent people lost their lives in the Genocide, the delegation also observed a minute of silence.

To conclude their visit, the delegation wrote in the Kigali Genocide Memorial guestbook by appreciating the work done so far, calling on all people to come together in the renewal process of Rwanda as a country and as its citizens and as well as fighting against the Genocide from happening again.

“Thank you for enlightening me and in particular our office participants. We have learnt a lot and we should show this experience. Thank you once again” wrote Lilian Okumu Ubuo, Office of Director Public Prosecutors in Kenya Public Prosecutors in Uganda

“God we pray in your good hands, that the Genocide never comes back again” Pendo E. Makondo Office of Director Public Prosecutors in Tanzania

“God we commit everything into your hands. Let’s care for one another” John Baptist Asiimwe Office of Director Public Prosecutors in Uganda

The Prosecutor General of Rwanda closed the event by thanking everyone who visited the memorial as well as their commitment to learn from the history of Rwanda, and fight any ideology that can lead to genocide.