Nyarugenge dictrict’s headmasters and Social Affairs officials attend Peace Education Awareness workshop


On the Wednesday 4 May, the Kigali Genocide Memorial received over 30 high schools headmasters and Social Affairs officials from the Nyarugenge district. The Group was invited to attend a Peace Education Awareness workshop.

The workshop introduced the Rwanda Peace Education Programme (RPEP), which a joint initiative between the Aegis Trust, Radio La Benevolencija (RLB), USC Shoah Foundation, and the Institute of Research and Dialogue for Peace (IRDP). During the workshop, Aegis staff, and the attending Headmasters and Social Officials from Nyarugenge also shared their experiences in promoting peace in their communities, and discussed about finding ways to encourage the youth to take responsibility and participate in peace building.

“RPEP invited us, the headmasters of high schools in Nyarugenge district. The program encourages us to provide support for teachers and learners, to build and reinforce the peace education. Rwandan people experienced the tragic history of the Genocide, and it may generate hatred and injustice. Through applying the program to my school, I will try my best to develop the students’ critical thinking and to build a sustainable peace.” Theogene Ngezahoguhora, headmaster of the Groupe Scolaire Burema, (Burema Secondary School), Nyarugenge District

“Rwandan people have many problems after the Genocide. Many people suffer from negative impacts of the Genocide such as psychological traumas. As an officer of Social Affair, and also as a survivor of the Genocide, I am feeling happy because I can help other people through this program. I organize National Commission for Children(NCC) meeting with Children once a semester. Children, including my own kids, keep asking me questions like “Am I Hutu or Tutsi?” and “What happened before?” Through the conversation in NCC, I can share the consciousness that we are all Rwandans. By making conversation again and again, I hope to build and strengthen the social unity.” Mukamuvunyi Sophie, Social Affair staff of sector Nyakabanda, Nyarugenge district

Peace Education Awareness Workshop with Education Officers and Headmasters from Nyarugenge District at KGM