Ngarama Hospital Staff visit Kigali Genocide Memorial for #Kwibuka23


Board of directors, doctors and other employees of Ngarama Hospital have visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial to pay respects to victims of the Genocide against the Tutsi and learn about the Genocide history.

The group toured different parts of the museum that teach about the history of Rwanda, the consequences of the genocide as well as Rwanda’s approaches in fighting genocide ideologies and how Rwandans are rebuilding the nation after the genocide.

Their visit started with laying wreaths on the burial place where more than 250, 000 victims are laid to rest. This activity was followed by observing a minute of silence to pay respects to victims of the genocide.

At the end, the group shared what they learnt from the visit and their messages to fellow doctors working in Rwandan hospitals.They urged them to fill the gap left by doctors who lost their lives in the Genocide against the Tutsi.

Dr. Jean Baptiste Rugamba, Ngarama Hospital General Manager talked about their commitment to fight genocide ideology.

“As doctors in a medical field, we commit to fight any kind of divisionism. To take care of all Rwandans from all backgrounds and serve them equally. This is our humble contribution in rebuilding this nation. As a leader, I will never tolerate any type of genocide ideology in the hospital,”

Dr. Rugamba said.

Console Uwizeyimana, Public Relations and Customer Care Services officer at the hospital, shared her impressions after the visit:

“Our main role is to save people’s lives. We promise to take care of everyone’s regardless of how they look like”.

Dr. Francois Gatsinzi, a doctor at the Ngarama Hospital shared his message to other doctors:

“My message to other doctors, I encourage them to love and care for all patients regardless of their ethnicity, color or religion”.