National Union of Disabilities Organization in Rwanda visits the Kigali Genocide Memorial for Kwibuka22


On Saturday 7 May 2016, a group of over 15 people from the National Union of Disabilities Organization in Rwanda (NUDOR), accompanied by representatives from the international offices of the Liliane Foundation, visited Kigali Genocide Memorial for remembrance and learning about the History of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

NUDOR is a Rwandan organization that helps people with disabilities by helping them share their experiences and providing support in strengthening their capacities and empowerment. The organization also seeks equal human rights, opportunities and social acceptance.

The organization works closely with the Liliane foundation, an organization that provides support to children and youngsters with Disabilities and who live in poverty. The organization works with local partner organisations in various countries to empower children by increasing their social, educational and economic strengths. The Liliane Foundation’s headquarters are based in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, with offices in numerous countries around Africa including Zambia, Burundi, Kenya, Ethiopia, Senegal, Rwanda and others.
The group visited viewed the memorial’s exhibition to learn about the history and events that lead to the Genocide and the importance of fighting Genocide Ideology.

“While visiting the memorial, I was touched by children’s room which portrays how children were killed. So, I asked myself why were they killed at a young ages like that? This showed me that at that time there was not love. So, we should teach people love as the sign of humanity in order to fight against what happened from happening again.” Jean Paul Sekarema, member of National union of disabilities organization in Rwanda.

“After reading and listening to different information about Genocide against Tutsi, it was hard for me to believe that brothers or neighbours could kill each other, but at last I have come to admit it. Thought it has happened, it brought many negative effects to both people and country as well. So, what happened here in Rwanda should be a good lesson for others that they have to fight against that genocide from happening again all over the world.” Bekele Pebremedhin, Lilianne Foundation – Ethiopia.