MORAFA Fashion Agency pays tribute to victims of the Genocide against the Tutsi for Kwibuka23


Motherland Africa, also known as MORAFA Fashion Agency, have visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial to commemorate the victims of Genocide against the Tutsi and learn about the history of Rwanda. The group of young people from different areas of Kigali also organised the visit to learn about how they can contribute to the fight against genocide ideology and continue their contribution to rebuilding the country.

The group began their visit by laying wreaths on the burial place at the memorial, where more than 250,000 victims of the Genocide against the Tutsi are laid to rest. They also observed a minute of silence to honour the more than one million Rwandans killed in the Genocide.

The visit continued with a tour of the memorial exhibits, which teach about the history of Rwanda before, during and after the Genocide as well as the measures put in place to ensure Genocide never happens again and to reunite Rwandans. The group also learnt about the history of other genocides around world. The tour ended with a visit in the Children’s Room, which pays tribute to the young people brutally killed in the Genocide.

After touring the memorial, the coordinator of MORAFA Fashion Agency, Raul Igiraneze, called on young people to visit the memorial to get firsthand information to helps them tell Rwanda’s story to the world.

“I encourage everyone to come to the memorial and receive firsthand information about what happened. We must learn about the history of Rwanda, the Genocide against the Tutsi and other genocides happened around the world. This will help us to tell the story to anyone who approaches us, especially the next generation of Rwandans,” he said.

Ending their visit, group member Shiffra Niyotwizeye called on all Rwandans, especially young people to join efforts to develop the country.

“We should work together as Rwandans and leave aside genocide ideology and division. As young people, we must use our efforts to develop our country. We should pay tribute to the victims of the Genocide by putting as much effort into building unity and our country. These are things we must do on behalf of the victims,” said Niyotwizeye Shiffra.