Members of RPF Inkotanyi in Munanira 1 Cell visit Kigali Genocide Memorial to pay tribute to Genocide victims for Kwibuka23


Leaders and members of RPF Inkotanyi in Munanira 1, Nyakabanda Sector, Nyarugenge District have visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial to pay tribute to genocide victims and learn about the history of Rwanda.

Issa Karera, RPF Inkotanyi Chairman in Munanira 1 shared what motivated them to visit the memorial:

“We came as a large group of people from older generation, young people and children to learn about genocide history. This memorial has evidence related to the Genocide against the Tutsi, we wanted our young people to learn from our past and get tools to use in fighting genocide ideology,” Issa said.

Their visit started with a tour of memorial’s exhibits to learn more about the history of Rwanda before during and after Genocide, its consequences and how Rwandans have been working together to rebuild their nation. They also laid a wreath on the burial place and observed a minute of silence to remember genocide victims.

At the end of their visit, Mr. Isaa Karera left a message in the memorial’s guest book to all Rwandans.

“Every Rwandan should visit the memorial not only to remember but also to learn from history. I encourage parents to take their children to the memorials so they can learn. Let us teach our children to love one another”.