Kigezi High School students visit the Kigali Genocide Memorial to learn about the Genocide


On the morning of Saturday 18 June, a group of 70 students from Kigezi High School in Uganda visited the memorial as part of an annual educational trip. The purpose of their visit was to learn about the causes and consequences of the Genocide, as well as the importance of fighting Genocide Ideology.

The students and their teachers visited the memorial’s exhibition and grounds to learn more about the history of the Genocide, and Rwanda’s post-Genocide recovery and reconstruction initiatives. The group also held a moment of silence at the memorial’s mass graves as a way of paying their respects to the more than 250,000 victims of the Genocide who are resting there.

“First of all we appreciate how the memorial has grown over the past few years. [….] my advice would be embracing dialogue for peace rather than killing. Leadership rise in the hands of youth and that is why we have to encourage them to embrace peace and conflict resolution while they are young and understanding. What happened in Rwanda a real lesson to the whole world.” Esther Nabaasa, teacher, Kigezi High School, Uganda.

“Genocide did happen. So the next step is to find solutions for peace as Rwandans will always live in the same country. I appreciate how the memorial has evolved and expanded with not only information about the Genocide, but on post-Genocide peace building activities in Rwanda.” Yasim Kakooza, Transport Manager, Kigezi High School, Uganda.

“I would encourage Rwandan people to make sure that genocide will never happen again. My message to youth is to particularly get involved in different things that bring constructive and financial income and avoid getting involved in different things that can lead them in destructive acts.” Elizabeth Uwimana, senior six student, Kigezi High School, Uganda.

“What I have seen here is heart-breaking and shocking. I have read about the Genocide in books and heard and seen things about it in the media. I think we should take care so that this will never happen again.” Andrew Nkurunziza, student, Kigezi High School, Uganda.