Kigali Genocide Memorial to host upcoming Ubumuntu Arts Festival


The 2nd edition of the Ubumuntu Arts Festival will be held from 14-17 July 2016 at the amphitheater of the Kigali Genocide Memorial. Ubumuntu is the Kinyarwanda word for ‘humanity’.

The inaugural 2015 festival attracted 11 participating countries and a multi-cultural audience that exceeded all expectations with approximately 5,000 attendees on both event days. This year, 18 countries will participate and the festival will have two additional days.

The Ubumuntu Arts Festival was created in 2015 by Hope Azeda and the team from Mashirika Performing Arts and Media Company to act as a catalyst for national and international peace building. It was designed to be part of the genocide commemoration time as is set at the end of the 100 day commemoration. The organisers believe that Rwanda, with its history, is the perfect venue to gather people from all walks of life to reflect upon topics like conflict, peace and humanity through the means of art.

The event has grown impressively since last year and will have two additional days, one fully dedicated to art for young audiences and one to women’s topics. The organisers have so far rallied an international line-up of 18 participating countries that will bring the amphitheater to life with captivating pieces featuring: movement, music, theatre, dance, projections and acrobatics. Another new addition is an official after party to take place immediately following the final performance on July 17th.

Founder Hope Azeda says:

“Art has manifested itself the world over as an efficient form of communicating, expressing opinions, airing issues and sharing values about all aspects of life that affect humanity.”

The festival is supported by the Aegis Trust, which runs the Kigali Genocide Memorial on behalf of the Government of Rwanda. The Aegis Trust is a genocide prevention organisation working to prevent mass atrocities and build peace around the world.

Ubumuntu 2016 Line Up

Day 1 – Children & the Young

Childern’s Choir, Rwanda/South Africa
Rafiki Foundation Nyamata and New Life Choir featuring Thembi Mtshali-Jones, Peace Jolis and Rosette Karimba
Ma petite Colline, Rwanda directed by Carole Karemera
Papa’s Hat, Rwanda/Belgium directed by Lore Uyttendaele

Voices in Sync, Rwanda/Burundi/Syria
Africa’s Hope, Rwanda directed by Hope Azeda

Day 2 – Women

Movement for Humanity, UK/Netherlands/Rwanda directed by Hilde Cannoodt and Tjarda van Straten
Mother to Mother, South Africa directed by Janice Honeyman
Afro Man Spice, Uganda directed by Linda Nabasa

My Story is My History, Switzerland/Rwanda directed by Andrea Grieder

Day 3

Face Off, DRC/Rwanda directed by Abdoul Mujyambere
Go Forth, USA directed by Kaneza Schaal
The Tears of a Man Flow in his Belly, Gabon directed by Amaël Mavoungou
Those you pass on the Street, Northern Ireland directed by Paula McFetridge
Body Revolution, Iraq/Belgium directed by Toneelhuis / Mokhallad Rasem

Day 4

Solidarity, DRC/Ireland/Germany directed by Gudrun Lange
The Room of Lost Names, Kenya directed by Sitawa Namwalie

The New Dictionary, Uganda/Sudan directed by Phillip Luswata
Waiting for Train, Kosovo directed by Kushtrim Mehmeti

See you Yesterday, Cambodia directed by Michael Lessac

Ubumuntu Arts Festival Flyer

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