Kigali Genocide Memorial hosts Peace & Values Education Workshop


A Peace and Values Education workshop was held at the Kigali Genocide Memorial on 27 April 2016. Following the accomplishments of the Rwanda Peace Education Programme (RPEP) around the Country, and the successful integration of the Peace Education component into Rwanda’s national curriculum earlier this year, the Rwanda Education Board (REB) is now working closely with the Aegis Trust to incorporate the Peace Education component into the existing Peace Values module found in the Rwanda Teacher Training Colleges (TTCs) curriculum. The TTC curriculum is found and a select number of higher education institution across the country.

The aim of the workshop was to present the mechanisms of the Peace Education component that was developed by the Aegis Trust to attending participants, which included of the representatives from the University of Rwanda – College of Education (UR-CE) as well as Ms. Hanna Doller, Second Secretary and Programme Manager for Peace and Security from the Swedish Embassy.

“The Embassy of Sweden is very excited to see the Peace and Values subject in the revised national curriculum. This has been one of the aims of the Rwandan Peace Education Programme, which we have supported since 2013. Today’s workshop is an important starting point for the work to develop the content of this subject so that students are able to learn peacebuilding aptitudes and skills in a sustainable way for the future.” Hanna Doller, Second Secretary/Programme Manager, Peace and Security – Embassy of Sweden.


Peace and Values workshop

The workshop ended with a the participants having an understanding of the peace education programme, and a strategic plan for the upcoming incorporation of the programme into the Peace Values Module that is provided in the selected higher education institutions across Rwanda.

“I am very happy with the way the workshop worked out. We presented our Peace Education programme to our partners and friends, and we all shared interesting ideas on the true value of peace education in Rwanda. We are happy it has been successfully integrated into the National curriculum earlier this year, and I am very proud of the contribution that we at Aegis have made in creating the peace education programme. We are very happy with its structure and we are passionate about sharing it with our friends.” Janviere Uwase, Education Facilitator, The Aegis Trust.