KCB Rwanda remembers the victims of the Genocide against the Tutsi at Kigali Genocide Memorial


Staff from Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) Rwanda staff have gathered at the Kigali Genocide Memorial to commemorate those killed in the Genocide against the Tutsi, to learn from Rwanda’s history and to find out how they can contribute to the fight against genocide ideology.

The visit forms part of the annual commeoration period. Every year from 7 April for 100 days, Rwanda commemorates the Genocide against the Tutsi. During this period, thousands of visitors pay their respects at the Kigali Genocide Memorial.

The event began with a Walk to Remember from Kinamba to the Kigali Genocide Memorial. Arriving at the memorial, the group toured the exhibition that gives an insight in to the history of what happened in Rwanda, the reality of 1994 as well as the aftermath of the Genocide. The tour concludes with a section that details how Rwandans are working hard for the reconciliation and renewal of their nation.

After touring the memorial, the staff laid wreaths and flowers on the burial place where more than 250,000 victims of the Genocide against the Tutsi have been given a dignified burial. The delegation also lit candles of remembrance to honour the lives brutally taken in the Genocide.

Welcoming KCB Rwanda staff, Honore Gatera, the Manager of Kigali Genocide Memorial, thanked them for taking the time to commemorate. He also appreciated for their contribution to the renewal of the country, as well as the support given to the memorial as it helps to expand its role in educating all who visit as well as to preserve the memories of loved ones killed in the Genocide.

“I want to start by thanking the KCB staff for choosing to visit today and commemorating with us on this very moment to remember the Genocide against the Tutsi for the twenty-third time,” Honore said.

Honore also spoke about the importance of the memorial’s education programme and how it helps to find the potential within young Rwandans, emphasising the need to invest in young Rwandans as the next generation of the country.

“In the initial phase of our education programme, we found that young Rwandans are actually the most valuable asset we have and that we need to invest in them to make progress and build on what has already been achieved,” Honore added.

Closing the commemoration event, George Odhiambo, Head of Corporate Banking at KCB Rwanda, appreciated the efforts of the Kigali Genocide Memorial team and their contribution to educating both Rwandans and visitors from around the world.

“I thank the team that works here at the memorial. I sincerely appreciate their effort. It is not an easy thing to reveal these testimonies day after day, as often as possible. It is a calling that you have to do this,” he said.

He continued by encouraging KCB staff to take a message of peace to society and learn to forgive. He also reminded everyone to support the survivors and the memorial’s activities and tell the truth about what happened in 1994 in Rwanda.

“To our team, I think the message is that we cannot afford not to have peace. We cannot afford not to forgive, we can’t afford not to reconcile and we can’t afford not to support each other when we are called upon. I would like us to move forward and remember never to forget and also refuse to distort history,” he concluded.

The Kigali Genocide Memorial is very grateful for the generous donation given by KCB Rwanda. The donation will support our work to preserve the memory of the Genocide, educate young Rwandans about peace, and support survivors through our Rebuilding Lives programme.


KCB Rwanda visit to Kigali Genocide Memorial for Kwibuka23