Hope Academy students, parents and staff take Rwanda Peace Education Programme lesson at the Kigali Genocide Memorial for Kwibuka22


The Kigali Genocide Memorial has hosted close to 100 students, parents and staff from Hope Academy for a special Kwibuka22 peace class from the Rwanda Peace Education Programme (RPEP) team. The lesson was part of a visit to the memorial for the school’s commemoration activities – remembering the victims of the Genocide and learning about genocide prevention.

In an special class with staff, students as well as parents, RPEP leaders Appollon Gahongayire and Anita Kayirangwa went through the history of the Genocide against the Tutsi and the effective steps of social reconstruction that have taken place in Rwanda since then.

After the lesson and visit, Headmaster of Hope Academy Rwanda, Isa Gokturk Yilmaz, spoke of the importance of unity and pledged that their students will forever share and encourage the philosophy of ‘Never Again’.

“We have learned a lot in this presentation. As the Hope Academy community, we are eager to learn so that we can change the world. Hope Academy is composed of students with different nationalities and unity is one of our founding principals. We can have unity though we cannot have uniformity. My advice to everyone is that we should spread this philosophy of Never Again.”

Leonard Munga, the Head of the Parents’ Representative Board, said that as Rwandans reflect on the Genocide, it is also the best time to seed the message of fighting against its ideology.

“This is a moment that we reflect on the Genocide against the Tutsi. It is a good time to seed and spread the message of fighting against the ideas that lead to genocide. ‘Never Again’ is the major principle that should guide our thinking as we rebuild our country”

About the Rwanda Peace Education Programme

Through trainings, workshops and an exhibition, the Rwanda Peace Education Programme aims to help Rwandans understand their past in a way that supports moving forward, encourages active citizenship, personal responsibility and the values that promote unity and social cohesion.

The programme is a joint initiative of the Aegis Trust, the Institute of Research and Dialogue for Peace, Radio La Benevolincija and the University of South California – Shoah Foundation. Now in its third year, the programme has visited 16 communities and trained thousands of Rwandans in peace building.

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Hope Academy International School Visit Photos

Hope Academy Kigali visit the Kigali Genocide Memorial