Happy Generation visit Kigali Genocide Memorial to commemorate victims and launch Fight Against Genocide Ideology Week


On Saturday 16 April 2016, around 300 Happy Generation members and the Executive Secretary of Kacyiru Sector, Patricie Murekatete, visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial to commemorate the victims of the Genocide and launch a week of fighting against genocide ideology. Happy Generation is a Rwandan organisation joining together different Rwandans from all over the country.

Happy Generation visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial with many young people for them to commemorate and learn the history of Rwanda and the Genocide. Afterwards, the group says they plan to use what they have learnt to educate those who still have genocide ideology.

Chairman of Happy Generation, Aimable Ngendahayo, said that young people have to all take a step to fight against genocide ideology.

“As Rwandan youths, it is your big responsibility to definitely fight against genocide all over the country.”

After touring, Ernest Hazimana, one of the members of Happy Generation, said that instead of learning about Genocide from books and others, it is better to visit the memorial and get the real picture of Rwanda and the Genocide.

“Before, I used to hear about the Genocide only in words, but coming here helped me to know really the truth which can help me to teach other young Rwandans as the next generation of the country,” said Ernest.

Another member of Happy Generation, Rachel Uwimbazi, reminded her peers to play a role in rebuilding the country.

“Many young Rwandans participated in the Genocide against the Tutsi. As the one to be part of destroying the country, we can also be used to rebuild it. By joining our efforts as young people, we will help in transforming our country.”

The visit to the memorial concluded with the laying of wreaths on the burial place to pay respect to the victims of genocide.