Genocide survivor and soccer professional reveals the role of sport in peace building and reconciliation in Ubumuntu film screening


The Kigali Genocide Memorial hosted the Kwibuka film and conversation on the role of sports in peace building and reconciliation in Rwanda. The event focused on the screening of the documentary “My Soccer, My Saviour”, which shares the experiences of Eric Eugene Murangwa, a survivor of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, former captain of the Rwandan national team, and now the founder of Football for Hope, Peace and Unity.

In the film, Eric gives an unflinching and candid look into his story of survival and how sports played an important role shaping his vision for a better future. Among the attending guests were famous Rwandan sportspeople, Jean Baptiste Kayiranga and Grace Nyinawumuntu, who also shared their experiences during the Genocide, and how Football played an important part in their healing process.

“Sport saved my life during Genocide, I fled to southern province and we fell into group of killers, one of them had seen me playing in Rayon sport and told other that he knew me that I am renowned player of Rayon sport then they let me until I arrived in Burundi”. Jean Baptiste Kayiranga, former player of Rayon sport, current Rwanda National Under-20 Football Team Coach.

“Sports bring together regardless of their background. To be honest, before entering in sports, it was hard for to talk to people who have parents because mine were killed in the Genocide, but after being engaged in sports I started opening up […] Some people outside of the country might have heard wrong information about Rwanda. Some Congolese did not know that they can celebrated and enjoy in Rwanda due those bad beliefs. But everyone remembers how they celebrated after defeating Rwanda.”.” Grace Nyinawumuntu, Rwanda’s National Woman Football Team Coach.

The event was the third Kwibuka film and conversation event in a series of screenings hosted at Kigali Genocide Memorial.