Cogebanque pays tribute to victims of the Genocide against the Tutsi at Nyanza Memorial Center


Cogebanque Staff paid their respects to more than a million victims of the Genocide against the Tutsi at Nyanza Memorial Center located in Kicukiro district.

The event started with a walk to remember from IPRC Kigali former ETO Kicukiro to Nyanza Genocide Memorial. Cogebanque Staff laid wreaths on the burial place where more than four thousand victims of the Genocide are laid to rest and observed a minute of silence in their honour.

Jean De Dieu Kayiranga, a survivor of the Genocide shared his testimony that narrates the difficult journey he has gone through together with many other people who were at Nyanza.

In his words, Kayiranga explained how the Genocide ideology and discrimination had an impact on him from the young age.

“I spent ten years in primary school instead of six not because I failed but simply because I was a Tutsi,” he added: I am one of the few people who survived from this place. Interahamwe, soldiers and gendarmes gathered a big number of us and threw many grenades on us which killed a multitude. The next morning I wake up from dead people, shot on my leg and hacked on my head. On my way rushing to the Kanombe Hospital, I met Inkotanyi who rescued me and taken care of me”.

Beatrice Uwera, the Vice President of GEARG (Rwandan Graduates Genocide Survivors Organization) who spoke as Ibuka representative, noted how genocide was prepared by the educated people and now today’s literate people should play a big role in fighting the genocide ideology.

“Leaders of the past divided Rwandans which lead to Genocide against the Tutsi; it was organized by literate people like many of us. We must contribute in fighting genocide ideology since no one wants to go back in those times,” Beatrice said.

Yves Kamuronsi, the Country Director of AEGIS Trust appreciated Cogebanque for their support towards remembrance and learning programmes that contributes to genocide prevention.

“We are remembering out parents, friends and neighbors. Doing this, we give them back the value and dignity. Thanks to Cogebanque for organizing this event and for their continuous support to activities and programmes that contributes immensely to prevent genocide from happening again,” said Yves.

Ernest Rwagasana, Board Member of Cogebanque said that they will continue partnering with Aegis Trust because they value and would love to see peace education reaching to many in our communities.

“Cogebanque was created after Genocide to change life conditions of Rwandans without looking at their ethnics because we believe change should start from us,” Ernest said.

CNLG Representative, Gerald Ntashamaje stressed on the signs of genocide ideology and denial which have been rising lately, especially during this time of commemoration and the urge to fight it.

“We still have people in our communities with a destroying spirit. They want to take us back from our darkest history. It should be everyone’s responsibility to end this ideology and working to sustain what has been achieved and together we can build a more peaceful nation,” said Gerald.