Support Rebuilding Lives

Everything stops when genocide happens: education, business, healthcare, society. Families and communities are fractured and it takes generations for them to heal. For survivors, the aftermath of genocide is especially hard. They lost loved ones, their homes and remain with the trauma of what happened.

Recognising this, the team at the Kigali Genocide Memorial came together to lessen the emotional, financial and health challenges survivors face. Every month, the team put aside a small portion of their salaries to help survivors in need. Inspired by this generosity, the memorial formally created the ‘Rebuilding Lives’ programme, which empowers survivors to earn a living through training and coaching in entrepreneurship and self reliance.

Two beneficiaries of the programme are Veneranda Nyiramana and her son Serge Gakwaya. With your support, we can expand the Rebuilding Lives programme to reach even more survivors like Veneranda and Serge. You can support the programme with a financial donation or by offering your time and skills.

“As a family we were blessed to be trained and later on employed by the Kigali Genocide Memorial. It has improved our lives as genocide survivors after losing both family and our property. My son can now afford to pay for his university fees and as a mother I can afford to feed and care for my family.”

Veneranda Nyiramana, mother of Serge Gakwaya