Tabitha Charles

St Vincent and the Grenadines

Every time I remember what happened to our brother and sisters in Rwanda during the genocide my body freezes. Although some people might opt to forgive and forget and move on this is one of those things that we forgive and never will ever forget but move on. The remembrance is so vital so that the coming generation may never want it to happen. God is a God who loves remembrance of past activities as well. Genocide should never ever happen anywhere in the world again. Its a monster. I love my brothers and sisters from Rwanda so much. Been there only ones but I definitely would love to visit again and I know I will by Gods grace. I would love to one day have an opportunity to even meet and work with those that are still in the healing process be it emotionally or spiritually. Those that got affected in one way or another or involved. Love covers a multitude of sins. May love prevail in Rwanda. I love you all so much. In my thoughts and prayers.

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