Joseph Lutwa


I was there personally at the Genocide Memorial twice in August 2001 as part of Our Lady of Africa Choir, Mbuya (Friends to Christ the King Choir, Kigali) before the museum was refurbished and this year in October. This museum made me feel I was there in 1994 during the Genocide. it had all the History building up-to the real tragedy and life after death. Thank you very much for sharing this tragic experience with us from Uganda who have never experienced such extreme cruelty. I learnt a lot from this to tame my tongue, I also learnt how Politicians and Media can cause mayhem to a beautiful nation through their messages to the masses. I pray African journalists and in particular Ugandan journalists and Politicians could visit this beautiful place also. We as Ugandans Love you all and we share the same pain you felt when you lost your dear ones to people with selfish motives. This place is a home to thousands who lost their lives, those who lost their dear ones as well as it also became my home on my second visit. I will always visit there whenever I come to Rwanda. May God keep you a forever united and mighty role model Country to the rest of the world.

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