The Kigali Genocide Memorial work with a range of partners to conduct community outreach in remembrance and peace education.

Mobile Extensions

The Kigali Genocide Memorial supports a range of external education programmes, in Rwanda and internationally.

The Rwanda Peace Education Programme run by Aegis Trust is the main outreach partner for the memorial. To date, 21 visits have taken place in communities across Rwanda. At the core of the programme is a mobile exhibition that uses story-telling to share how the Genocide against the Tutsi affected people and how reconciliation is being fostered.

The programme also includes the following components:

  • Teacher training
  • School workshops
  • Community and school debates
  • Dialogue clubs
  • Arts and drama workshops including a public performance

The Rwanda Peace Education Programme also engages with district leaders and decision makers in the community to ensure its message continues to be shared after the programme is complete.

Learn more about the Rwanda Peace Education Programme here.

Debate & Dialogue

The Kigali Genocide Memorial and the Rwanda Peace Education Programme have developed innovative and engaging debate and dialogue workshops. The sessions are run in schools across Rwanda to help young people think about issues such as the genocide, preserving memory, peace building and reconciliation.

This year, the memorial and Aegis Trust are expanding the number of schools taking part in debates and dialogues. The programme will also include teacher training and additional follow up support to ensure students learn how to debate sensitive and important issues.