Support Learning

Since 2004, the memorial has hosted tens of thousands of students to learn about genocide. The workshops and guided tours run by the memorial’s education team share the importance of remembrance and personal responsibility for lasting peace.

More than 40% of Rwandans are under the age of 15. How this generation shapes the country’s future will depend on how they understand and deal with the past. In the last five years alone, over 15,000 young people have taken part in the memorial’s peace education programme. But this is less than 1.5% of the target group. With your support we can reach out to many more. Together we can ensure a peaceful future for Rwanda and the world.

“I learnt a lot about my history and how the Genocide was prepared. I used to hear my friends say that their parents told them to not to relate with others because they are not from the same background. But I learnt that this creates division and can lead to genocide. I will go and share what I learnt with my parents. My friends and I are also starting a peace club to help our friends.”

A student who visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial