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25th Commemoration of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda

On April 7th 2019, Rwanda will commemorate the 25th year since the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. The day will mark the beginning of 100 days of mourning. The Kigali Genocide Memorial will host a number of events such as the lighting of the flame of remembrance, the President’s speech and other conversations.

15th anniversary of the Kigali Genocide Memorial

The Kigali Genocide Memorial will celebrate the 15 years of being a place of remembrance, learning and rebuilding lives. We will look at the evolution of the memorial ground, exhibitions, and the major events that took place there in that period of time.

Ubumuntu Digital Platform (coming soon)

The Ubumuntu Digital Platform will be an elearning website accessible for registered users. There will be lesson plans for three groups of people: teachers, parents and youth. The topics will be fitting for the specific audience accompanied with educational videos, interactive tools such as games and quizzes.