Ubumuntu - Champion Humanity

‘Ubumuntu’ means ‘humanity’–Referring to the quality of being humane; greatness of heart, benevolence, generosity and kindness. Today, Ubumuntu is a concept that encourages people to Champion Humanity, and a message that people carry with them.

Champion Humanity is a transformative learning experience that enables individuals to be agents of positive change in their families, communities and institutions, driving and enabling systemic change through promoting humanity in everyday life.

Champion Humanity Initiative is conducted using Aegis’ storytelling methodology. The central aim being the development of critical thinking, empathy, personal responsibility and trust. We provide the education experience in three strands: training, trips and guided tours.

I wear this badge in honor of my father, Steven Krulis, who survived the horrors of Auschwitz and the Holocaust to teach me what it is to be a Champion of Humanity.
Dad, the Ubumuntu “Wear the Badge” campaign is in your honor. May you be comforted in the knowledge that in your memory something really positive has begun in Rwanda.
Thomas Krulis

“I wear this badge to honor the memory of our sisters brothers fathers mothers aunts & uncles who lost their lives in the struggle of liberating our country.

For their empathy, personal responsibility & courage to stop the genocide against Tutsi & restore peace & hope.”
Egidia Uwera

Champion Humanity Trips, Trainings and Tours:

Since July 2018, Champion Humanity has conducted 9 trips in total including 2 South Sudanese delegations, 1 delegation of Jesuits Educators, we conduct 3 consultative groups on future endeavors with the Civility Center, Williams and Mary University and with the University of Wisconsin.

Champion Humanity Trainings included delegation of 37 nurses from Rwamagana district through our partnership with Health Builders, a Jewish student delegation known as Olam, 2 research master class trainings with senior management, Champion humanity board members and with a coalition of American high school teachers brought together by Carl Wilkens foundations.

Champion Humanity conducted three personalized tours, two with Young Presidents Organization, and 1 with the International Coalition Sites of Conscience.

This program reached approximately 300 individuals from all of the world, from different sector and backgrounds, who were touched and encouraged to Champion humanity in their communities and all over the world.