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Local Visitors

What happened to our beloved country shouldn’t happen again even anywhere in the world. Let’s try and be together so that we may fight any evil which may hurt us again. Thank you so much for the good work in making and keeping our memorial as it is.

Musoni E.S Kagaba

International Visitors

The Kigali Genocide Memorial remind us what “Never again” means and what to do if there is signs of another genocide anywhere in the world: act and don’t wait.

Axel Van Trotsenburg


Special Thanks

Throughout the year Kigali Genocide Memorial programmes and operations relied heavily on contributions from donors and Friends of KGM. Their input was invaluable, and we want to take a moment to thank them and acknowledge them for all of their hard work:

KGM Contributors:

Rwandan Community
Pascal Gerken- YPO Chairman
Thomas Krulis
Lorelle Krulis