Community Support

Since 2004, Aegis Trust in Rwanda has provided support to genocide survivors through its Social Program. Currently Social Program supporting almost 70 beneficiaries. The main beneficiaries of the Social Program are orphan-headed households and widows, many of whom contracted HIV as a result of being raped during the genocide. The support provided by Aegis is tailored to the needs of each case with the aim of raising the quality of life of the beneficiaries, providing self- respect and dignity and giving them hope for the future.

Kind of support provided to our beneficiaries:

  1. Financial aid/Monthly support
  2. Educational support
  3. Psychological support and medical treatment
  4. Refurbishment of houses
  5. Assistance with setting up small enterprises
  6. Provision of training, work experience or employment

“I am very thankful because of what that Aegis Trust has done to improve my life conditions. In this house you renovated, I will start living a better life”

Widow of the Genocide Supported by the rebuilding Lives Programme.

The Kigali Genocide Memorial has a mission to advocate for survivors. As part of this objective, the Rebuilding Lives Initiative originates from the empathy shared with survivors, their association with the memorial and the hardships some of them endure. Rebuilding Lives supports those in need to achieve some improvement in their livelihoods.

In 2014, eighteen orphans and widows of the genocide were given a monthly allowance, six students were given the opportunity to attend school and one lady received medical treatment in India.

The success of this programme can also be evaluated through the number of beneficiaries who have been supported until they reach self-reliance. Four widows of the genocide left the social programme in 2014 and were recruited as employees of the Kigali Genocide Memorial.